Raul Mercado Fine Art Photography
I recall my thirst for adventure when I acquired my first camera at age eleven. The camera was a 127mm Kodak Holiday Flash I earned after selling seeds for my grammar school's fundraiser. I was instantaneously intrigued with the medium's ability to capture my life experiences, one fraction of a second at a time.

Most of the remainder of my childhood was experienced with a camera strapped around my neck. And, every photo shoot was followed by hours of torture for my five siblings as they waited for access to my darkroom...I mean the family bathroom.

After college, my passion for photography dwindled as life's responsibilities took precedence.

My life took a turn in 2002, changing my outlook on life. While viewing some of my childhood photos, I realized that each image took me back to the moment when the shot was taken. As most of those moments brought back happy and nostalgic memories, I felt compelled to share those memories with others.

Today, the sense of child-like adventure is still with me each time I reach for my camera. Additionally, I am blessed with a wife and two daughters, just as I have always been blessed with friends and family, who have indulged my artistic side. I dedicate this website to my family for their devotion and especially for their patience during the many times they have waited for me to take "that shot".

I hope you have enjoyed the images on this site. And, I look forward to your comments, suggestions and critiques.
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