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Austin's Batty Skyline
The Congress Bridge in Austin Texas is home to North America's largest urban bat colony with up to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats residing underneath the bridge on the Colorado River.
AWARD WINNER!! 2005 2nd Place, Hudson Artists of NJ, Inc.
manhattan%20after%20the%20fireworks%20-%204th%20of%20july_4264_edited-2.jpg tug%20on%20the%20hudson%20-%202005-12-12-1742+064_edited-5.jpg moon%20over%20the%20hudson%20-%202005-12-12-1742+070_edited-4.jpg austin_s%20batty%20skyline%20-%208x10%20-%20dscf1454_edited-4.jpg empire%20state%20view%20from%20jersey%20city%20pier%20-%20jc%20cultural%20arts%20festival067_edited-1.jpg
Raul Mercado Fine Art Photography
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