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Lighthouse Lens
The fresnel lens on display at the San Francisco Maritime Museum is used in lighthouses because of it's efficiency in capturing a large percentage of light.
lighthouse%20lens_edited-4.jpg st%20augustine%20lighthouse%20museum%20-%20jacksonville%202005217_edited-5.jpg chicago%20harbor%20light%20-%20chicago09_2009%2007%2015_1837_edited-4.jpg little%20red%20lighthouse%20-%20dscf1952_edited-4.jpg little%20red%20lighthouse%20and%20the%20great%20gray%20bridge%20-%20dscf1783_edited-4.jpg fayerweather%20island%20lighthouse%20-%20ne%202009_2896.jpg
Raul Mercado Fine Art Photography
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